St Andrew's Cemetery Jesmond

St Andrews Cemetery, Jesmond, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Tyne and Wear

In April 1855 the Burial Board of Jesmond agreed to purchase land for a burial ground from the Hospital of St Mary Magdelene. After advertisments were circulated for appropriate land, plans were received on 1 May 1855 and the first prize awarded to Middleton and Pritchett of Darlington (The Builder, 9 June 1855). James Pigott Pritchett's (in partnership with his son-in-law John Middleton; from the mid 1850s his practice, Pritchett and Sons, became established nationally in the field of public cemetery design) work was to include chapels, a lodge, stone walls to three sides of the site, rainwater drainage from the buildings, and planting.

The first burials took place in 1857. Initially known as St Andrew's and Jesmond Cemetery, the name is given as St Andrew's Cemetery on later OS maps.

  • James Pigott Pritchett
    Image: James Pigott Pritchett