St. Mary's Church Greasbrough South Yorkshire

Completed in 1828 to designs by J P Pritchett & Charles Watson of York, this is a huge preaching box, perfectly suited to the liturgy of the day, prior to the Ecclesiological Movement. There is no chancel and the liturgical emphasis, typically, was on the west-gallery and the pulpit. Originally, the vast space was filled with box pews, being replaced in the late 1800s with bench-seating, those seats subsequently cleared and the interior filled with modern chairs in recent years. 

The church is orientated north-south and the challenge of the heavily sloping churchyard was overcome by Pritchett & Watson by incorporating an undercroft for a Sunday school at the south (liturgical-east) end. Earl Fitzwilliam, upon whose land the church was built, replacing an earlier chapel, apparently wished for a clock to be north facing so that it could be seen from his property.

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