St. Peter's Church Brafferton

The existing 15th-century church was modified in 1826 by Pritchett. It underwent further restoration in 1878.

Pritchett's work is dominated by the over-generous dimensions of the new nave transepts which protrude to the north and south of the building with little congruity with, and appearing to dwarf, the 15th-century chancel, which remained untouched but which was already voluminous with chantry chapels to north and south. An increase in seating capacity apparently prompted the commission Pritchett to expand the area of the church. Notes made on his drawings suggest his brief was to increase pew sittings by 78 (66 sittings and 12 free seats) to a total of 641 (392 pews, 249 free and children's seats).

A Latin inscription on the external chancel wall commemorates Ralph Neville, founder of the church in the fifteenth century.

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