New Lendal Congregational Church

2 Lendal, York, North Yorkshire

As the Deacon of the Congregationalists in York, Pritchett had an obvious interest in the provision of a new chapel to accommodate the burgeoning Congregationalist community in the city. By 1816 they had outgrown their meeting place in Jubbergate and the new chapel was expediently designed and erected at a cost of £3000.

Dr. Duncan Marks has commented that "Pritchett's designs for the chapel must have been a direct influence of his religion and reflected his own position as the superintendent of the Congregationalist denomination in York. Lendal Chapel was completed in 1816 but it was not until 1826 when an extension was added to the rear elevation, incorporating an apse extending from the basement level all the way to the second floor".

The new chapel was, in turn, inadequate for the growing numbers of worshippers, over eleven-hundred by 1838, and the need arose for another even more commodious chapel in the city of York. A site was chosen in St. Saviourgate to the east of the city and the new Salem Chapel was completed by 1839, with many members of the Lendal chapel moving to the new one. This move led to Lendal chapel entering a period of decline eventually leading to a struggle to survive.

In October 1972 New Lendal joined other Congregational and Presbyterian churches in becoming part of the United Reform Church.

  • Lendal Chapel (Graham White - 2022)
    Image: Lendal Chapel (Graham White - 2022)

  • Credit: Anonymous Photograph - image supplied by Dr Duncan Marks
    Image: Credit: Anonymous Photograph - image supplied by Dr Duncan Marks